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Aztec Explorer and its Cascading Reels

May 30, 2021

When it comes to virtual slots experiences, themed machines take on a special life of their own, transporting players back in time to a specific era.

As far as the Aztec period goes, and those explorers who were prevalent throughout it, the Aztec Explorer slot offers a new opportunity to venture through this historical period.

Adding to the ranks of other themed games from a similar epoch such as Aztec Blox and Cashzuma, Aztec Explorer contains all the remnants of civilization life and adventure.

Let us take a look at this slot’s special features and gameplay style.

Theme Design, Style, and Sounds

Players of the Aztec Explorer slot will immediately notice the game’s emulation of the Aztec Empire as seen through the symbols, sounds, and specially animated explorer.

This friendly, yet determined character is dressed in a full set of armour, consisting of a metal hat and breastplate along with a long silver sword, which he uses to go searching for the riches from the ruins of the Aztec city.

Players will also notice the medieval character holds a map at his belt, a sure sign that the explorer is equipped for the task at hand.

The design and graphics take the player on an adventure with the explorer through this ancient civilization, with a bright green jungle background and a host of exotic sounds to accompany it.

The game’s symbols are represented by those of Aztec society such as gods of the sun, water, animals, and more.  

A slot based on an ancient Aztec civilization, this game’s graphics are designed to accurately emulate the time period

A slot based on an ancient Aztec civilization, this game’s graphics are designed to accurately emulate the time period

Unique Game Features

This slot’s main feature is its tumbling reels, or symbol combinations that result in cascading reels and multipliers.

The way it works is that once activated, the winning symbols will disappear from the reels and the ones above will fall in a stream-like pattern, filling the missing spaces and repeating the cycle until the streak finishes. With each new tumble the win multiplier increases from 1X to 2X on the 1st cascade, 3X on the 2nd, and 5X on the 3rd and any subsequent cascades.

Meanwhile, Wilds  represented by an ancient red dragon symbol, can appear throughout gameplay, but only on reels 2,3, and 4. These wilds substitute for all symbols.

Free Spins, another great feature on the Aztec Explorer, can be triggered on reels 1, 2, and 3.

As these are displayed in a gold coin graphic with ‘Free Spins’ written on them, they are extremely recognizable and easy to spot during play.

Once hit, the feature will light up the screen in a flash of gold and then start spinning, before congratulating the player. The other symbols also bounce off the screen when hit, their rocks exploding into the lush jungle background.

Free spins will appear next to each other starting from the leftmost reel. Each pay line containing 3 Free Spin symbols will award a 10 Free Spins. .

During the free spins round the tumble win multipliers are increased to 3X, 4X, 9X, and 15X.

The Aztec Explorer video slot is available in two editions: Stars Jackpot and Classic.