Lightning Roulette is just one of many variants of the classic table game
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Lightning Strikes in the Casino

July 15, 2021

The modern version of Roulette that players know from land-based and online casinos was originally invented in France, with its name directly translating to “Little Wheel”.

However, now there are multiple different varieties of this classic table game. One of them is Lightning Roulette.

So, how does this version of Roulette work we hear you ask? All is revealed below.

Live Casino Game

Lightning Roulette is situated in a stunning Art Deco environment in our Live Casino. This means that players are tended to by live dealers, who spin the wheel, collect chips, and call “no more bets”.

Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts

The main thing that differentiates Lightning Roulette from the original game is the additional chance to win thanks to a random number generator which, once all bets are placed, selects between one and five Lucky Numbers from around the wheel and this generates the amounts visible in the Lucky Payout.

If a player has placed a Straight Up bet on one of these Lucky Numbers, then he will receive a Lucky Payout of between 50x and 500x.

Lighting and Thunder Special Effects Rain Down

The Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts aside, the rest of the game mechanics stay the same as in standard Roulette, although the game does feature special lightning and thunder sound effects that add to the game’s electric atmosphere especially when Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts strike.