Wild features are always welcome on whatever variety of slot they appear on
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Slot Types

June 29, 2021

A selection of gaming titles is always appreciated by gamers, with players generally welcoming a wide range of gaming choices to pore over.

However, with ever expanding ranges of games, players like to keep on top of how they all work. Here is a breakdown of some of the slot genres which are out there today.

Jackpot Slots

There is a hint in the name as regards to what sets Jackpot Slots apart, however there is often more than meets the eye to these reel spinners.

Their main point of difference is that they are constantly building jackpots, whose size can be seen ticking upwards in red bars featured on the game tiles in the Jackpot Slots lobby.

However, the jackpot amounts will vary, because certain varieties of Jackpot Slot feed into different prize pots. For example, all Jackpot King Deluxe™ games feed into the same prize pot, but players will see various different prize pools in the other popular jackpot slots section.

Megaways Slots

Many slots have “Megaways™” written across them. This relates to a special feature – a reel modifying mechanic – which can alter the number of symbols that appear on any reel each time that it is spun and therefore can generate multiple pay-lines per play.

Megaways™ can be featured on both regular slots and Jackpot Slots.

Expanding Wilds Slots

Similar to the Megaways™ feature, Expanding Wilds are a take on the traditional Wild symbol. When they appear during a game they spread up, down, and across the reels, giving players extra chances of hitting a winning combination.