Free Spins Bonus

A Free Spins Bonus lets you play for free on eligible real money Slots. Winnings are awarded once all free spins are completed.

Free Spins Bonus winnings are credited either as a Casino Instant Bonus or as real money, depending on the terms of the Bonus. If winnings are in the form of a Casino Instant Bonus then these funds can be converted to real money by earning the required number of redemption points in Casino games, or placing a required number of bets.

Any jackpot wins occurring as a result of Free Spins will always be paid as cash, with no restrictions or wagering/withdrawal requirements.

How do Free Spins Bonuses Work?

Free spins are awarded for use on specified eligible games, with winnings converted into a Casino Instant Bonus or real money once all free spins are completed. When you accept a Free Spins Bonus, you will have a pre-determined amount of time in which to use it in eligible games before it expires.

The redemption method of a Free Spins Bonus will be displayed when the Bonus is offered, and the information will be available to view in the ‘My Stars’ menu, where players can manage their bonuses by selecting ‘Free Spins’. You’ll also find additional details there, such as eligible games, expiry dates, Bonus progress, redemption method and an option to ‘pause’ the bonus. Pausing your current Bonus will place it on hold and allow you to use another Free Spins Bonus available in your account. You can choose to ‘resume’ a paused Bonus at any time up to expiry.

Only one Free Spins Bonus may be in use at any one time in an eligible game. If you have multiple Free Spins Bonuses available for use in a particular game then you can manage the priority order of the Bonuses in the ‘Free Spins’ section of the ‘My Stars’ menu. Once the active Free Spins Bonus is fully used, paused or expired, the next Free Spins Bonus will automatically become available.

Once a Free Spins Bonus is available to be used on an eligible game (i.e. it has been accepted), the Free Spins icon will be displayed on its game window. Click the Free Spins icon to open the Free Spins widget; clicking ‘Play’ in the widget will launch a Free Spins session in a separate window. The ‘Line Bet’ and ‘Total Bet’ fields will read ‘FREE’ to indicate that this is a Free Spins session. After you have used all your free spins, any Free Spins Bonus winnings will be credited to your account either as a Casino Instant Bonus or as cash, depending on the terms of the Bonus.

Every Free Spins Bonus has an expiry date. If all free spins have not been used by the expiry date, your Free Spins Bonus will expire and will be removed from your account, and you will not receive any pending winnings acquired using those free spins.

Free Spins Bonus FAQs

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Contact Support if you have any questions about Free Spins Bonuses.

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