Play Be The Dealer games at PokerStars!

Be The Dealer is a player-against-player Blackjack game, exclusive to PokerStars. Up to four players take turns to act as the Dealer, deciding when to hit or stand in order to get the best result against their opponents.

Game Rules

The game follows normal Blackjack rules, but with a few twists (see below). Each player buys-in so that they have enough chips to bet on a Blackjack hand and to bank the rest of the table’s action when it’s their turn to be the Dealer.

Gameplay works as follows:

  • At a new table, a random selection of the first Dealer is made. At an existing table, players enter into a rotation.
  • Betting is simple: Players choose a bet between the minimum and maximum, just like at any Multi Player Blackjack table.
  • Dealing starts from the player next to the Dealer (moving clockwise).
  • Dealing cards will follow ‘pitch game’ presentation: Hands are dealt face down, not to be shown to the rest of the table until the hand is over, or their score goes over 21.
  • One of the Dealers’ cards is revealed like a normal Blackjack game.
  • All of the drawn cards are dealt face up, with these two exceptions:
    • Double down cards are delivered face down, revealed at the end of the hand
    • Split cards are dealt face down as described below

Blackjack rules:

Be The Dealer uses regular Blackjack rules, but with the following differences:

  • Two decks
  • One split allowed
  • No DAS (‘double after splitting’) allowed
  • Dealer determines when to draw, and when to stand for the Dealer hand
  • If the Dealer is disconnected, standard house drawing rules will be used (i.e. draw to 16 and stand on 17)
  • If a player disconnects, they will return to the system and play out their hand against the house
  • When players split, their hole cards are shown, but the two new cards dealt to each hand are dealt face down. Subsequent cards are dealt face up, leaving every hand with exactly one card face down.
  • Rake of 3.75% is charged on the Dealer’s net win
  • Dealer button moves clockwise at the end of the hand, and the next round begins with a new Dealer.

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