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Instant eChecks: First-time deposit limits

Keep in mind that our eCheck processor has a limit on the number of transactions you are allowed to make, not just with us, but with all merchants you use this payment method with, depending on what level you're on:

Level Maximum number of transactions
0 10 CAD 750
1 25 CAD 1,500
2 35 CAD 2,500
3 49  CAD 5,000


In case you exceed these external limits while trying to make an eCheck deposit with us, we will notify you accordingly. In order to confirm your current level and limit status with our processor, please contact them directly at

If you are still within our processor limits and would like to make a deposit with us, the following limits will apply on our side to all first-time eCheck depositors:

Limit Amount
Minimum per transaction 10 USD
Maximum per transaction 600 USD
Daily maximum 600 USD
Weekly maximum 750 USD
Monthly maximum 2,000 USD
Maximum number of deposits until first deposit clears* 1 x 48 hours


* Since eCheck deposits are not actually withdrawn from your bank account until a few days later, the funds will remain uncleared on our side for 7 calendar days. This means that, during this time, you won't be able to withdraw or transfer these funds, only play with them.  However, if an eCheck deposit is not honoured by your bank, not only will the returned amount be debited from your Stars Account but you will also lose the privilege to use the funds from any future eCheck deposits to play as well, until they have cleared on our side.

Once your first eCheck deposit has successfully cleared on our side, the amount of deposits allowed will automatically increase to 4 x 24 hours.


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