Yandex.Money: Required verification process

Yandex.Money requires players to go through a quick one-time verification process before they are able to deposit with us. If you are not a Russian citizen, you can visit the Yandex.Money website for more information on how to verify yourself.

Russian citizens must provide the following:

  1. Full name
  2. Passport Number
  3. Issuing date of your passport
  4. Mobile phone number

As long as the Yandex.Money verification process is completed successfully, all your future deposits via this method should go through without any issues.

If Yandex.Money cannot verify your identity after the first payment, you will be asked to fill out the verification form again and wait to be manually verified before you can make a new deposit with Yandex.Money.

After you have been verified your maximum transaction limits at Yandex.Money can be increased up to 35,000 RUB (1000 USD).


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