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Instant Bonuses - Balance explanation

When you play in our casino, you can see the balance on the table or slot that you are playing on. This is the balance that is available for that game. It includes the real money balance on your account plus the balance of the active Instant Bonus, if you have one.

Below, you can also see your real money balance plus the balance of your active Instant Bonus. The details of your Instant Bonus are available by pressing the 'diamond' icon.

Since you can only use Instant Bonuses in our casino, the balance of any active Instant Bonus is not visible in the balance overview in the main lobby, when you open the Cashier's Summary, or when you want to join a poker game.

If you have an Instant Bonus that is only available for certain casino games, the two balances (real money and Instant Bonus) will be added and displayed when you are seated at the eligible games, but not at other games.

Any winnings in our casino earned from an Instant Bonus will be added to the balance of your Instant Bonus. The balance on the eligible table or slot will be higher than the balance you see in your Cashier or at other games. Only once the required redemption points for the Instant Bonus are earned, will the balance of the Instant Bonus be added to your real money balance. From that moment the balance can be used for any game you like.

In the case of multiple active Instant Bonuses, as soon as the first one meets the wagering requirement and is converted to real money, or it is exhausted by not meeting the required target, you will resume play automatically with the next available Instant Bonus.

Check out our website for more information on our Instant Bonuses.


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