Sending log files on Windows or Mac

If you're experiencing issues with our software or your account, send us the log files that our software generates. We can then review these files for error messages or indicators of what might be causing the problem.

The log files will be overwritten after 48 hours, so send us the files as soon as you can.

How to automatically send your log files

Load our software (you don't need to log in). From the lobby, select:

Help → Log Files (include your username and any details related to why you're contacting us) → SEND LOG FILES.

This will automatically send us the log files and your explanation.

Sending your log files with other attachments

If you want to include other attachments (like screenshots) and send them together with your log files you can do so manually. Open the lobby, and select:

Help → Log Files → ZIP & SAVE

Save the file to your desktop (you may have to navigate to the desktop as the default location is the settings folder).

Then send us the log files via our software or website.

You can also watch this video for step by step instructions.


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