Documents - Taking photos

We can only accept legible, clear and uncropped copies of documents.

Digital photos:

  • We suggest that you use a digital camera or smartphone to take clear photos of documents (if available).
  • If you're sending digital photos of your documents, take the photos in a well-lit room and without flash.
  • You can also activate the macro feature on your digital camera or smartphone for photos taken from a close range. You can find this feature in your digital camera/smartphone focus settings.

Scanned photos:

    • Send us color copies of at least 600dpi image resolution, for good quality photos.
    • We do not accept black and white copies of documents.

Screenshots taken on a computer screen, where the screenshot contains all your information and the full URL of the web page, are accepted.

You can send your documents using our Contact Support form.

A link to the form can be found as follows (where applicable):

Website and Desktop

Help → Contact Us

Mobile app

The menu (Android) or More (iOS), then:

Settings & Tools → Support → Contact Support

For PokerStars Next Gen app: Tap on the Account button to launch the Account Panel, then:

Help → Contact Support

Once you open the form, select:

    • Category: Account Security and Verification
    • Sub-Category: Upload Documents

To watch an instructional video (in English only) covering the steps to upload your documents, just hit the play button!




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