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Bigger Chests

There are six different types of Chests, represented by colors. Their rank, from low to high, is as follows:
BlueBronzeSilver → GoldDiamondBlack

You can move up and down to bigger and smaller Chest types depending on how many Chests you earn during a rolling 28-day period.

  • Upgrading to a higher Chest type:
    If you earn 10 Chests of the same type within a rolling 28-day period, then you'll be upgraded to a bigger Chest. Bigger Chests have a higher points requirement but they contain much bigger rewards on average.
  • Keeping your current Chest type:
    To maintain your current Chest color, all you need to do is to earn one Chest in a rolling 28-day period.
  • Moving to a lower Chest type:
    If you don't earn any Chests during a rolling 28-day period, the next Chest you earn will then be smaller.

This process applies to all Chest types within our Stars Rewards program. You cannot downgrade below the lowest Chest type (blue) and you cannot upgrade beyond the highest Chest type (black).


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