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Setting Casino limits

We offer the option to set a spin limit for Slots as well as bet limits for Blackjack, Roulette and Other Games such as Baccarat and Heads-Up Hold'em.

To apply these limits to your account, simply follow the instructions depending on how you are accessing our services:


From the main Lobby select:

  1. Tools
  2. Responsible Gaming
  3. Restrict Casino Limit


  1. Click on 'Account'
  2. Select 'Responsible Gaming'
  3. Restrict Casino Limit


  1. Go to the 'Menu' button (for Android) or 'More' button (for iOS)
  2. Select 'Settings & Tools'
  3. Responsible Gaming
  4. Restrict Casino Limit

This will allow you to set your own casino restriction limits for each game category. Each category is entirely independent and a restriction set for one category will have no bearing on the other. If you want to, you can set this restriction to DON'T PLAY.

This means that you will not be able to play the applicable game. 

Also, we give you the option to block your ability to play Casino games completely by clicking the 'Block All Casino Games' button.

You can lift the restriction through the same menu and once you have set the limit in the client, you will be unable to request an increase or removal of it for 7 days. Once this period expires, any increase or removal will take 24 hours to be approved. 

Keep in mind that you remain liable for all transactions or game play on your Stars Account in line with our End User License Agreement. If you discover that any restriction you have requested has not been implemented, it is your responsibility to report this to us immediately.


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