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Casino games not loading - Flash Player

Our Flash-based Casino games require a compatible version of Adobe Flash Player to be installed in order to run.

This means that you may need to update your Flash Player in order to play some of our Casino games. You can get the latest version of Flash Player by visiting the Adobe website. Make sure to install the correct version of Flash player based on your operating system and browser version indicated in the message dialogue on the website.

Windows downloaded software

Windows 7, 8 and 10:

  • Flash version PPAPI

Windows XP or Vista:

  • You will need to download a very specific version of Adobe Flash Player (version
  • If you do not already have this version installed, you should be prompted to download it when you open one of our Flash-based Casino games.
  • During installation, please choose the option to Never check for updates to keep this specific version.

Flash Player is also available from the Macromedia website.

To install follow these steps:

  1. Open the downloaded zip file and double-click the folder named 22_0_r0_209.
  2. Find and install the file called flashplayer22_0r0_209_winpep.exe.

Mac OS downloaded software

  • Flash version PPAPI

Desktop web browser version

  • Our desktop web browser version is not compatible with Internet Explorer.
  • Install Flash on other browsers by visiting the Adobe website.

If you are still experiencing an issue but are sure that Flash Player is installed, it could be that it is disabled in your browser settings. Here are some links on how to enable Flash Player for your browser:

  • Chrome: At times, the current Flash Player version is not detected accurately so try pressing the Continue button if the Flash dialog box continues to appear. If it still does not work, check that Flash Player is not disabled by visiting the Adobe website for instructions.
  • Safari: Visit the Adobe website - Safari section.
  • Opera: Visit the Adobe website - Opera section.

Should the problem continue, please email us with the following information:

  • Operating system
  • Web browser version
  • Current Flash Player version - you can find it out by clicking Check Now on this section of the Adobe website.

In addition, please include all of the solutions you have tried, and we will provide further advice.


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