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Incomplete slot games

When a slot game is interrupted we recommend following these steps:

If you are using our Web Casino or iOS app we recommend first clearing your web browser's cache.

With our downloadable software, most of the time you can fix the issue by simply restarting the software (this should resolve the issue immediately but can take longer). You should restart the software from the same device where you experienced the incomplete game.

If restarting does not resolve the issue we recommend clearing the cache from our software:

If you are still unable to restore your game, please provide us with the Hand/Game ID of the round during which your game was interrupted or if you are unable to remember that information:

  • Name of the slot game
  • Date and time
  • Wager amount of the bet you made in that slot game

This can be forwarded to us via our Contact Support form, which you will find on the right side of this screen (if you are using a desktop) or by scrolling down (if you are on a mobile).

Or, click the Help tab on the computer software, or Settings & Tools from the mobile app.


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