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OXXO: Deposit instructions

To confirm if this payment method is available in your country, please log into your Stars Account and go to the Cashier.


To make a deposit using an OXXO voucher, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Stars Account and go to the Cashier.
  2. Under the 'Deposit' tab, select 'More Payment Methods' to see all available options.
  3. Select 'PokerStarsPay'.
  4. Select your preferred currency (if applicable).
  5. Select one of the suggested deposit amounts or enter a different one in the 'Other' field.
  6. Enter your 'Deposit Bonus' code (if available).
  7. Select the 'Deposit' button.
  8. Enter your IFE number (Instituto Nacional Electoral, 'Credencial para votar'), choose 'OXXO' in the My Bank drop down menu and the amount that you wish to deposit in local currency MXN.
  9. Review your transaction details, click on Make Payment and print the bar-coded OXXO voucher
  10. Go to an OXXO store with the printed voucher and pay the exact value within the next 3 days

Your deposit should be credited to your Stars Account within 1 business day.

OXXO vouchers can only be used once. A new voucher must be requested every time you want to make a deposit.

If you have made a previous deposit with PokerStarsPay, you may need to have your registered bank details removed in order to complete your OXXO deposit.


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