QIWI Wallet: Declined deposit troubleshooting

Some possible reasons for a declined QIWI Wallet deposit include:

  • Insufficient funds: Check your QIWI Wallet account balance.
  • Incorrect currency: Make sure the deposit amount entered in the Cashier is in RUB.
  • Missing or incorrect mobile number: Make sure you enter the mobile phone number registered on your QIWI Wallet, which is also your QIWI Wallet account number, with the appropriate international country code. For example:
    • Russia and Kazakhstan: +79157XXXXX4
    • Ukraine: +38044XXXXX1
  • Maxed limits: You may have reached your QIWI wallet monthly payments limit. Visit QIWI’s website for more information.

If you are still unable to deposit, consider using a virtual QIWI VISA card.

You can also contact QIWI support for further assistance by sending an email to support@qiwi.ru


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