Cashouts to Direct Bank Transfer Account Information

Fees: PokerStars covers all fees charged by the sending bank.

Direct Bank Transfers are made from a local bank to your account and you may be charged a very small fee by your bank. For more information on your bank's policy concerning fees for receiving Direct Bank Transfers, please contact your bank directly.

Please make sure you provide the information below on the previous screen:

Bank Account Holder Name This should be your name. It is filled in for you and cannot be changed.
Your Bank Account Number This is the number of your bank account. It is up to 12 digits long.
Bank Sort Code Bank specific code that distinguishes your bank from other credit institutions in your country. It is a 5 digit number. If your branch number is less than 5 digits then please check with your bank before proceeding or alternatively add a leading zero to increase your branch number to the required 5 digits.
Bank Full Name The full name of your bank. Please provide the full name of your bank and not just your bank's initials.

For additional information about cashouts via Direct Bank Transfers please click here.