Player Accounts - Frequently Asked Questions


I have a question about anything PokerStars related. What do I do now?

Forgot Password

I forgot my password. Can I open a new account? Ik ben mijn wachtwoord vergeten. Hoe krijg ik een nieuw wachtwoord?

Forgot User ID

I forgot my User ID. Can I open a new account? What do I do if I have forgotten my User ID?


How do I upload an image? I uploaded an image, why is it not displaying at the tables? I have had my image for a long time, and now I want to change it. But, the option to change it is greyed out!

Connection & Disconnection

Ik kan geen verbinding maken met jullie server. Wat moet ik doen? How do I send Log Files? Where will I find them? I continue to disconnect while playing. Please help!

Email Validation

It says I need to validate my email address. What is this all about? How do I validate my email address??

Play Money Games

How do I get more Play Money? How many Play Money Sit & Go tournaments can I play at the same time? How about Ring Games? Is there a maximum of how many Play Money chips I can accumulate?


I am registered for a tournament, but cannot find it. How do I view all tournaments I am registered in? I am unable to find a specific tournament, and I have the tournament number. Can I search for it? Many players are sitting out, and it’s ruining the game! Is this allowed?

Game Integrity

How does your shuffle work? How do I know that it is fair?

Hand Histories

How do I save my Hand Histories? How can I review the hands I just played?/What is the Instant Hand History? Can I get a visual representation/replay of the hand I just played?


I am unable to see some/any chat at the tables? Why can I not see my own chat at the tables, but other’s chat is visible? Another player is abusive. How can I make them stop? I lost my chat, but I did nothing wrong! What do I do now?

Missing features

Ik mis een feature die in voorheen gebruikt heb / moest gebruiken - hoe kom ik aan de volledige versie van jullie software?

Ideas, feedback and suggestions

I have a great idea on how to improve PokerStars in some way. Who can I address this to?

Verantwoord spelen

Responsible Gaming

We vinden verantwoord spelen erg belangrijk en willen graag dat je een plezierige en positieve speelervaring beleeft.

Speciale aanbiedingen

Special Offers

PokerStars heeft het hele jaar door speciale aanbiedingen, met geldprijzen, plaatsen voor de beste live-evenementen en nog veel meer.

Spelen om echt geld

Chip Stack

Stort voor het eerst echt geld en begin met spelen bij PokerStars. Stortingen zijn snel en veilig.