SMS Validation (Beta)

The award-winning PokerStars software is the safest online, and now you can increase the security of your player account by using “SMS Validation”.

When activated, you will receive a SMS text message with a secret code when potential irregularities with the operation of your PokerStars account are detected by PokerStars systems. 

The ability to conduct real money transactions (including deposit, cash out, transfer, tournament registrations and cash games play) will be suspended until you enter the secret code (that was sent by SMS text message) into the PokerStars software when prompted. 

This service is free to all users, and adds an additional security mechanism to ensure that PokerStars player accounts remain safe and secure against different online threats.

SMS Validation (Beta)

How do I register a mobile phone number on my account? How do I activate SMS Validation on my account? (please note this feature cannot be activated or deactivated from the PokerStars Mobile software) How do I remove SMS Validation on my account? Why can I not register a mobile phone? How does the PokerStars server detect ‘potential irregularities’? What happens when potential irregularities are detected? I have accidentally triggered this feature, yet I have lost access to my mobile phone. What should I do? Will using SMS Validation make my account completely secure? Can I share SMS Validation with a friend? Will I incur any costs if I opt in for SMS Validation? I have opted in for SMS validation and but I am not receiving your codes. How quickly will I receive my validation code?

Password Reset via SMS (Beta)

How do I enable/disable the ‘SMS Password Reset’ feature on my account? Why should I opt in to the ‘Password reset by SMS’ feature? The ‘Enable password reset by SMS’ functionality does not appear under the SMS Security Options menu. Why? I have activated the SMS password feature in the past, but I am no longer being given the option to reset my password via SMS. Why? I do not have access to my registered mobile phone number and I require a new password?

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