Go Inside the Mind of a Croupier

The landscape of gambling has undoubtedly changed over the years. Where once casinos were filled to the brim with tuxedo-wearing high rollers ordering outrageously specific martinis, now you are more inclined to see successful gamblers wearing a baseball cap and swigging an energy drink.

Both time and technology have paved the way for these changes in gaming, but how has this affected the classic croupier and how have they had to evolve to fit their new roles?

What exactly is a croupier?

For those unfamiliar with croupiers, they are the dealers appointed to a particular gambling table. A lot of us will have an image in our minds of a casino dealer, the type you see in James Bond films such Dr. No or Casino Royale.

It is the tradition and the skill involved that has attracted people to this role over the years. Clive Owen also brought this ‘classic’ dealer into the limelight in the 1998 film Croupier. This film noir painted the world of casinos as a sinister place, with the lead character deriving pleasure from seeing gamblers lose.

This of course couldn’t be further from the truth; in reality a dealer’s tips account for a large portion of their pay so they are always rooting for the player to come out ahead. Earning tips is usually an incentive for employees to work harder, be friendlier and take care of the gamblers. Like many jobs, it is a rewarding position if you are willing to do the work, as a skilled croupier can make a very decent living.

Mindset of a Croupier Infographic